24 Nov 2015


Actress Ayo Mogaji Explains Why Nollywood Actresses Sleep Around For Endorsements…

Speaking with New Telegraph she expressed how she feels about younger actors who do not mind doing all sorts in order to secure brand endorsement deals and for the older ones, they only benefit a fraction from the movie industry.
Mogaji said: “That does not exactly bother me. It’s journalists that will help us to ask them what disqualifies us from such life changing opportunities. Maybe we don’t work hard enough, maybe we cannot sleep around and maybe we cannot quite do what the younger ones are doing or they cannot get what they’re getting from the younger ones from us.”
She further disclosed that: “It’s quite shocking that some people still think you’ve not done enough and that it’s only the new faces that can sell products and services, all well and good, if anybody needs my service, they will call me when the time comes.


Addressing the issue of her romance with Nollywood actor Jibola Dabo she disclosed that even though there were rumors about us being married, he is only my baby daddy.
Mogaji said: “Jibola was only my boyfriend, though we had a baby together before I got married. We never got married to each other. I’m married to a British Psychotherapist named Dr. Victor Ayodele Oduleye.”
It could be recalled that in another interview granted by Jibola Dabo last year, he disclosed that he separated from Ayo because they both have some things they do not like about each other and they both decided to let go.
He said “her smoking and drinking habits were enough reason to halt the union since marriage is about living togetherI never told her to stop drinking. I said stop getting drunk.  There is a big difference. I buy beer at home and drink but I don’t get drunk.”
Source: Naij



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