25 Nov 2015


Austrian Teenager Who Ran Away To Join ISIS Beaten to Death for Trying to Escape (Photos)

One of the two teenager girls who ran away from their home in Austria to join terror group Isis has reportedly been beaten to death after trying to flee their Syrian stronghold.

Samra Kesinovic, 17, left her Austrian home she shared with her parents in April 2014 and, along with friend Sabina Selimovic, travelled to Syria to join Isis, becoming ‘poster girls’ for the group.

Austrian newspapers have reported that Samra was killed by the extremists after she tried to escape Raqqa, their main stronghold in Syria, however the Austrian government has not commented on the case.

Her friend Sabina, who was 15 when she travelled to Syria, was thought to have been killed in fighting last year.

Shortly after arriving in Syria photos emerged of one of the girls holding an assault rifle and being surrounded by gun-toting terrorists.

The two were also believed to have both married IS militants shortly after arriving in Syria.

Sabina allegedly became pregnant with her new husband’s child, however she denied the claims while speaking to a French newspaper via text message before her alleged death and said she was enjoying life in Syria.

the two girls after they arrived Syria



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