28 Nov 2015


Football: English Premier League Set To Reduce Clubs to 18 Per Season


The Football Association is reportedly set for talks with the Premier League over reducing the number of teams involved in England’s top flight.
FA chairman Greg Dyke – who is responsible for finding ways to improve the national team – is behind the plot.
The Times report that Dyke plans to speak to Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore about cutting the division down by two teams.
That would, however, have a knock-on effect on the tiers below. So, representatives from the Championship, League One and League Two would also need to be consulted.
The size of England’s top flight last changed in 1992 an extra team was relegated from the Premier League and one fewer was promoted to reduce the number from 22 to 20.
Any move to carry out this plan is likely to be met by huge opposition from clubs in the country’s top two tiers, while the effect it would have on the hopes of the national team are debatable.
The idea is that with fewer games to play England’s stars will be less tired by the time competitions come around.
But current broadcasting contracts run until 2019 so any deal would be unlikely before then.




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