13 Nov 2015


Justin Bieber Admits To Cheating On Selena Gomez


In a new interview with i-D magazine, Justin Bieber revealed he struggled with being faithful to Gomez when he was constantly surrounded by ‘beautiful women’ when they were not together.
Adding that the pressure of being a young pop star constantly in the public eye and the distance between them on the road led him to stray from his devoted girlfriend.
“We were working out how to be in a relationship, how to be ourselves, who we were, in the middle of having people judge our relationship through the media. I think that really messed my head up too,” the 21-year-old told the mag.
However, Justin’s choices after that are what made it impossible for Selena to trust him. “Because then, it’s like trust and all this other stuff that starts messing with your mind,”  says Justin.“You’re on the road. And there are beautiful women on the road. And you’re just getting yourself into trouble,” he went on to say.
With Justin admitting to his flaws, could this  be a major sign that he’s growing up and wants to try it again with Selena? He’s been doing a lot of work on himself lately: apologizing to fans, admitting he ruined his relationship with his mom and ending his longtime feud with  actor, Seth Rogan.



I've even gone so far as to verbalize it specifically, time is too precious to waste on trivial arguments and negativities. I'd rather get on to the more fun and rewarding stuff right away!

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