26 Nov 2015


Minister says the payment of N5,000 to unemployed youth will begin in 2016

The minister of youth and sports, Solomon Dalong during a condolence visit to the national chairman of the APC, John Odigie-Oyegun, over the death of Abubakar Audu on Wednesday said that the promise to pay N5,000 to unemployed youths is not contained in the 2015 budget but it will definitely begin in 2016.

Mr. Dalong who spoke to ​ journalists​ during the visit​ said:
“I would want the youth to understand that every promise must be backed up by budgetary provision and our promise to pay N5000 is not contained in the 2015 budget. So, definitely, it is going to begin in 2016 as we have made budgetary allocations for that
“We are committed to the campaign promises of creating jobs, providing wealth and combat poverty. We have embedded in our manifesto things that we are translating to reality​.”​



I've even gone so far as to verbalize it specifically, time is too precious to waste on trivial arguments and negativities. I'd rather get on to the more fun and rewarding stuff right away!

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