21 Nov 2015


See Wedding Photos of Man that Cut Off Wife's Ear With Plier during Domestic Violence

11 months ago, Nonso Paul Nzedebe and wife Nwogo were happy in love, they had just gotten married.

Fast forward to last Monday, November 16th, and the unthinkable happens - Nonso allegedly cut off part of his wife, Nwogo's ears with pliers during a fight in their home. The wickedness is pictured below.

Insiders say Nwogo had been enduring so much abuse from her husband within the months they were married. She had hoped things would change for the better but not until their baby boy, Emeka arrived. Not long after she was discharged, Paul allegedly locked her up, beat her, and stabbed her with a knife.

Nwogo this time around ran to the police who invited Paul for interrogation. He allegedly never showed up at the station but rather, dealt his loving wife, the woman he had taken to the altar and vowed to provide for and protect, this unbelievable horror.

Here are photos from their court wedding, traditional and church wedding.



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