16 Dec 2015


British Model Reveals How She Had A Threesome With Justin Bieber And Another Lady


The 30-year-old model revealed her er*tic encounter with Justin Bieber to the Sun newspaper on Sunday, December 13, 2015.
Laura Carter said her chance encounter with the singing sensation happened when she was picked out on a nightclub dance floor, and taken to the Rosewood Hotel for a private party.
At the private party, there were four guys and ten women according to Laura Carter.
There were four boys and a group of ten girls, all really glamorous. The party was in full swing and Justin was showing off his dance moves” she said.
All the women had to leave their phones at the door to protect Justin Bieber’s privacy.
The dancing at the party soon led to a game of ‘Truth & Dare’ by Justin Bieber and the ladies; shortly after, Justin Bieber led a woman to his bedroom.
Twenty minutes later he came back with only his boxers and took Laura in.
It was amazing and surreal. The lights were off and we started kissing against a wall. When I looked over there was another girl. I think she was American.
“They clearly had been doing something. We got on the bed and all started fooling around together” said the model.
Laura Carter revealed that the other girl in the threesome wasn’t happy that Justin was focusing only on her.
Justin didn’t go after her. In fact, he seemed more into it, happier, when it was just me and him. We had the most amazing s*x.
After the threesome, she left the hotel at 6:30a.m.
There are rumors that Justin Bieber might is in a relationship with Kourtney Kardashian.
Laura Carter



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