15 Dec 2015


Davido In Support Of The Controversial Social Media Bill


While majority of the Nigerian population are against the social media bill, Davido seems to be in full support of the controversial bill to be passed into law.
HKN star Davido revealed on SnapChat that he wants the social media bill to be passed.
Davido feels that a lot of people say anything on social media and get away with it.
In an expletive riddled rant Davido advocated for the passing of the controversial bill.
f**k that shit nigga! They should pass that f**king social media bill because niggas have been talking shot Just wake up type shit. I don’t understand” said the pop star.
Yesterday, Davido took to Twitter to rant about people who write false stories about him. Davido was most likely referring to the story of Tanzanian model Agnes Masogange being pregnant for him.
Agnes has denied that she is pregnant for the pop star.
Agnes Masogange



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