24 Dec 2015


‘I need a cute lover to spend time with on Christmas’ - Imelda j


I need a cute  boy friend that would  be ready to  spend quality time with me during this festive period. The  guy must be able to sweep me off my feet. Meanwhile, I can’t remember the last time I got a Christmas gift from someone beyond my family. It used to be mum, dad, brothers, sisters, aunt, uncles…buying gifts for me. This year, I need a true lover who will take me out for a serious date.
Read Imelda’s words:
I have been far away from romance, having been busy from January to December. I need to clear my head, relax and get set for the coming year. If you have what it takes to be my date, walk up to me. That’s all I want as a Christmas gift.
Every year, I travel to my state,Benue State to celebrate the Christmas with my family. But this year, due to my busy schedule I intend to celebrate my Christmas here in Lagos. I have plans to visit orphanages and thereafter end up at a private beach on the island.
My wish is to  celebrate the Christmas with the orphans and the homeless people at the IDP camp . This is a season of love, peace and sharing. I feel fulfilled each time I am able to put a smile on somebody’s face. Gladly, this is my best season of the year. I am willing to be a cheerful giver now than ever.
Source: Vanguard



I've even gone so far as to verbalize it specifically, time is too precious to waste on trivial arguments and negativities. I'd rather get on to the more fun and rewarding stuff right away!

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