9 Dec 2015


Nobody sponsoring Boko Haram or stealing money will go unpunished- Lai Mohammed

The Minister of Information and Tourism, Lai Mohammed at a press conference in Abuja yesterday, said that no person sponsoring Boko Haram or stealing public funds will go unpunished.
"The dilemma of government is how to redress the past wrong. What I want to assure you is that nobody, who is responsible for this situation either by sponsoring Boko Haram or stealing our resources, will go unpunished. That I can assure you. But we will follow due process.”he said
Lai Mohammed addressed claims in some quarters that the Nigerian government was careless in the prosecution of the terrorist unlike the Republic of Chad where any arrested terrorist is summarily tried, condemned and killed.
“Our legal regime is different. I can assure you that it is not in the interest of the military to protect Boko Haram because they are the first victims of the activities of the insurgents.”he said
Lai Mohammed debunked claims that anyone in the present government was sponsoring or supporting Boko Haram terrorists in any way. According to him,
“nobody in this government will hide a Boko Haranm suspect.”
On the missing Chibok girls, he said the military was working towards the girls regaining their freedom.
“The military is leaving no stone unturned up till now. Right now, the military is undertaking major onslaughts,” he said.



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