9 Dec 2015


Timaya Attacked By Fans For Mocking Salary Earners


Famous Nigerian singer, Timaya has received some backlash from fans after saying he’s grateful to God that he does not have a 9-7 job like most people.
While millions of people in Lagos were rushing to work, Timaya was at home chilling with his guys smoking on shisha.
He shared the picture of him puffing on the shisha tobacco with two of his friends.
I thank GOD I don’t do a 9 to 5 job. Chilling with my guys on a Monday morning. BLESSSSSSSS….
Most people felt he was mocking people who had regular, daily jobs.
You can read their comments below: –



I've even gone so far as to verbalize it specifically, time is too precious to waste on trivial arguments and negativities. I'd rather get on to the more fun and rewarding stuff right away!

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