4 Jan 2016


Bill Cosby's Wife Camille Says She Is Humiliated By His Actions

The disgraced comedian's wife of more than 50 years was notably absent as he arrived to face sexual assault charges in Pennsylvania.

 She had dismissed the initial claims of sexual abuse against Cosby, but as the number of alleged victims continued to grow, Camille was ‘sickened’, according to reports. She reportedly knew about his infidelities, but requested he be discreet.

Although humiliated by his actions, her anger is not directed at the women. However, this week, she learned that she must testify in a civil case against the entertainer filed by seven women who said he defamed them, court documents said.
A federal magistrate judge in Massachusetts rejected arguments by Cosby's wife, who also has been his business manager, that the deposition would represent an ‘undue burden’.

Culled from Dailymail.



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