16 Jan 2016


Checkout The Tallest Building In Nigeria (pictures)

Abuja World Trade Center will be the tallest once it's completed this year
In year 2015, T.I.N Nigeria super records visited the Island of Lagos state to make confirmations of the height of the controversial Necom house which was completed and opened in 1979. The building which is 525ft tall (160m) with 32floors count has been recorded as Nigeria's tallest building. Although our attention has been drawn to the yet to be completed millennium towers in the capital city of Nigeria but we are yet to visit and verify, until the absolute completion of the building the NSR team will not visit to make confirmations, for now the Necom house is still recorded to be Nigeria's tallest building in the T.I.N Nigeria super records. The Nigeria Super Records (NSR) is powered by T.I.N Magazine.



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