5 Jan 2016


Di’Ja Offers To Help Disabled 19 Year Girl With No Limbs

Rahma Haruna and her brother

Fast rising Mavin Records singer, Di’Ja has voluntarily offered to help a disabled 19 year old young girl, Rahma Haruna.

Rahma Haruna has taken over social media in Nigeria within the last couple of days.
She lives with no functional arms and limbs and is carried around by her brother in a green plastic bowl.
Thankfully a Good Samaritan donated a wheelchair to her.
Rahma Haruna
Moved by her plight, Di’Ja asked for the details of Rahma Haruna on her Instagram today (January 4).
Please dm me if u know how to contact this beautiful soul. (SERIOUS INFORMATION please in the name of God). Says she is 19 years old and no she wasn’t born like this. She fell as a child. Her spirit alone shows strength and contentment. I am filled with gratitude, joy and love everyday because I am grateful. You should too…Allahu Akbar” she wrote.
Shortly after, Di’Ja got the information she needed.
Last December, it was reported that Di’Ja had gotten secretly married in Kano which was later refuted by her manager.



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