19 Jan 2016


I Cannot Marry A Fellow Artiste, Chidinma


The 24 year old has once again reaffirmed that she cannot marry an artiste.
During a Twitter interview with social media publicist Cute Kimani, Chidinma once again revealed that she cannot be in a relationship with an artiste.
When asked “can you marry an artist like you”, Chidinma answered with a simple “no.”
During the interview Chidinma mentioned that she helps reach the society at large through a platform known as the NMA foundation which is one major thing she is involved with asides music.
The Project Fame winner also said that the achievement she is most proud of is actually getting to win in the KORA awards.
Miss Kedike disclosed that she is a very good cook and her album will drop in 2016.



I've even gone so far as to verbalize it specifically, time is too precious to waste on trivial arguments and negativities. I'd rather get on to the more fun and rewarding stuff right away!

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