5 Jan 2016


Nollywood Actress Uche Iwuji Admits She Is Sex Starved in recent interview

Nollywood actress Uche Iwuji spoke about her love life, marriage and career in a recent interview with Vanguard after a long Break from the scene.
Some people have described marriage as an entrapment and for many showbiz stars it hasn’t particularly been something they would write a prose about. We have seen many divas walk in through the door in a morning and get thrown out of the window by the night. It is that bad, because, marriage and showbiz is like Cain and Abel.

For Nollywood star, Uche Iwuji, marriage started like a dream and she climbed onto the rooftops to tell the world what a terrific time she was having – then the bubble bust. Soon after she disappeared from the scene, not to be heard from. Many reasons surfaced on the Internet for the breakup but no one has been able to get it straight from the horse’s mouth, Uche or her husband, Juwon Lawal, until now.


You have not been in public scenes for a while, what happened?

-This is simply because my life has changed. I got married, separated, and has a child. I am re branding myself and that is why I have left the public scene. That doesn’t really mean I have left showbiz but only took some time out for my family. I am fully back but not as the former Uche Iwuji, I am a new Uche Iwuji.

What ‘s the difference between old and new Uche Iwuji?

-I have always been involved in one scandal or the other. That will change because Uche is now a mother who wants the best for her son.

What are those things you really want to change?

-I used to go out a lot, I was always every where.

So, you mean that has always landed you in trouble?

-No, it does not put me in any form of trouble. It only made people know who I was. Then, I was single so it is allowed. I am now a mother, things must change.

Is it true that men take advantage of single mothers?

-No, I don’t think it is true because that has not happened to me.

What has being married and single taught you?

-I have learnt to be strong for myself. Separating from my husband was not a good thing at all. Though, an eye opener. As far as I am concerned, being single again is fun. I am free to do whatever I like. I have been able to get over the break up when I look at my son. He is a bundle of joy.

What do you think you do better these days?

-(smiles) Motherhood.

What went wrong in your marriage?

-The marriage failed because we didn’t understand each other well.

Your courtship was for three months, do you think that could be another factor?

Not really, I still respect and love my ex husband till date. In fact, I still pray for him.

Does that mean you will accept him if he comes back?

-Yes, I will a million times. He is the best gift I have ever gotten.

Who do you have to blame for your break up; The media, choice of career or your family members?

-I blame it on the society. People were always saying rubbish about me. However, I advise intending celebrity couples to understand each other well and shun third party.

Do you think your marriage affected your career?

-Yes, in a positive way. People now see me as a matured woman. Some still address me as a Mrs. It only boosted my career.

Is it true you are unlucky with men as purported online?

-Yes , I’ m not that lucky with men but I think I was lucky at a point. To have been married to my ex husband means luck was smiling at me. We only didn’t understand each other well.

'Do you have any plan to remarry?

-No way. I will marry my ex husband a million times again. No other man is good for me. I believe he will come back when he is ready.

-How do you intend to manage sex in his absence?

I am sex starved for now but I don’t really long for it. I have been without sex for a while now.

Oh wow what an honest interview.I pray Juwon goes back to her.I love Uche Iwuji and i dont really believe she was as bad as said,she only liked a controversial image and didnt know the damage it would cause until it happened.
Juwon,if you read this interview anywhere,please go back to her if you still feel anything.
Any third party interference that caused their break up or will try to interfer in any make up,I blind you with your lies in Jesus name!



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