12 Feb 2016


20 year old model hanged herself after her boyfriend dumped her by text

Nina Paunova, a fashion student known as the 'Beauty of Beverley' cut her wrist then drove her car through a hedge into a nearby field where she hanged herself after she got a break up text message from her boyfriend.

Nina, who is the daughter of a respected professor at the University of Hull was discovered dead close to her home on the 8th of September, 2015. Further investigations into her death revealed that she was in a rocky relationship with her boyfriend Sam Scott, and had previously threatened to throw herself off a balcony.

Sam Scott dumped her by text when he was forwarded Nina's messages claiming she would  ditch him after he spent £2,000 on gifts for her 21st birthday.
Mr Scott, who is from a wealthy family , told an investigator that he had already spent £10,000 on jewellery and clothing, £4,500 on trips to London and Paris and at least £2,000 on holidays to Croatia and Menorca. But he ended the relationship when he was sent Nina's texts to her friend Elizabeth Gough, via Miss Gough's boyfriend.
"I told you what my plan is. Straight after my 21st and after he has spent £1,000 to £2,000 I'm gone. 'After all the s*** I've put up with. I will literally take my presents and the week after my 21st end it and delete him." The messages said
In the hours before her death Miss Paunova, drove to her boyfriend's house to confront him but was refused entry. She then drove her car through a hedge at more than 60mph into a nearby field and hanged herself after cutting her wrists. Her parents warned her not to get back together with her boyfriend after a two month break but they had rekindled their relationship and were supposed to go on vacation together.
Nina had sent a text to her mother before she killed herself :
"I guess I should have listened sooner." the text read
Miss Paunova, who was moved to the UK from Bulgaria at the age of five, studied art and design at Bishop Burton College where she received a triple distinction in her final exams. She had also won a scholarship for university and was due to start her final year of a fashion and marketing degree at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her heartbroken family described her as stunning, bright and hard-working.

Source: UK Daily Mail



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