14 Feb 2016


Man United Has Betrayed Me – Louis van Gaal


Manchester United manager, Louis Van Gaal has described as a betrayal and a disappointment to him if reports of the appointment of ‘his friend’ Jose Mourinho were true.

The Dutchman was quoted by Daily Mail UK on Saturday as saying that his relationship with the board of United should at least have put him in a position of someone deserving of explanations.

Van Gaal said he would feel betrayed if Manchester United have talked to Jose Mourinho behind his back, but has decided not to seek assurances from Old Trafford executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward over the issue.

Van Gaal believes his relationship with Woodward and club owners the Glazer family is strong enough that they would tell him if Mourinho had been contacted about taking over in the summer.

United’s manager is well-versed in football politics but admits he would feel let down if United were already negotiating with Mourinho — his friend and former Barcelona assistant.

“Then I shall be disappointed, because that is the consequence of what I have said. In a football world that is possible, I know, but I do not think that. I have a relationship with Ed and the Glazers, they shall tell me, I think.”

Asked if he will speak to the board over the matter, he replied: ‘No, I don’t think that I have to tell them.’



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