8 Feb 2016


Singer Yemi Alade Set To Launch Shoe Line


Singer Yemi Alade who recently unveiled her jewelry collection; The Yemi Alade Collection with online retailer Bland2Glam dished on her latest venture; a shoe line.
Yemi Alade is set to launch her own shoe line.
The singer who recently unveiled her jewelry collection (The Yemi Alade Collection) with online retailer Bland2Glam revealed in a recent interview with Punch Saturday Beats about being in talks with a brand to unveil her shoe line.
“I went into fashion because of my love for African fashion. I discovered that whenever I go to other African countries to perform, they usually try to replicate my style, so I decided to make something for them and myself as well”
“The collection is about my personality, my style, and because my style is different, we have decided to make it available to my fans. We also made it in form of jewellery so that everybody can wear it.
I am an African woman, but I do not wear Iro and Buba about, so I have decided to mix both African and modern culture together, and call it Afropolitan” Yemi Alade revealed to the publication.



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