12 Jun 2016


Breaking News: Nigeria to begin another civil war to resist breakaway N'Delta Republic

Nigeria's seat of power have it that plans have been concluded by the Federal Government to declare a full-blown war on the Niger Delta as the militants particularly the Niger Delta Avengers have stated their conditions for a ceasefire which the government says is impossible to meet, a presidency insider revealed to DailyGlobeWatch on condition of anonymity.
The militants under the aegis of Niger Delta Avengers  have insisted on seceding from Nigeria because of what it described as a grave injustice committed by the Nigerian Government against the people of the region since oil exploration and extraction activities began in the region decades ago.
They have complained that while the proceeds emanating from the wealth beneath their land is siphoned daily to create wealth and affluence for  people in other parts of Nigeria the people of the region live in abject poverty resulting from neglect and  huge  damage to the region's eco-system.
Among the conditions reportedly given for a cease-fire is the immediate release from detention of the ex-National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd.) , Nnamdi Kanu, the Director of Radio Biafra and leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB) and corruption charges dropped against some indicted public office holders.
The Federal Government in an emergency meeting held in the State House, Abuja as the 2-week ceasefire draws near,  after sitting to review the conditions cast their conditions overboard and resolved to declare a full-blown war on the region and consequently crush any dissenting voice with utmost brutality no matter how highly-placed.
Governors and serving ministers from the region, our source revealed, have been kept in the dark of this decision to declare a full-scale war. The Nigerian Army will soon be given marching orders to commence hostilities against the militants in the region as the Federal Government is not ready to cede any part of Nigeria to any group under whatever guise.
This decision to go to war was reached after a series of clandestine meetings by Arewa Consultative Forum, (ACF) and other eminent northern Nigerians which it relayed to the Federal Government.
A reconnaissance mission, according to our source, is to begin in the next few days as soon as the president returns to the country.
The Nigerian Army, our source further revealed,  is only waiting for the two-week ceasefire declared by the Federal Government to expire before full hostilities is declared  to crush the militants.
But the Militants are calling the Federal Government a bluff  as they have earlier called the world powers' attention to the problem in the region. 
A highly reliable source also confirmed that the militants are being backed by foreign powers who have vowed to back them in the event of full-blown hostilities until a sovereign state of Niger Delta is actualized.



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