14 Jun 2016


Sole Survivor Of The Orlando Gay Club Shooting Which Left 30 dead Recounts His Ordeal

The only person to escape from his hiding place in an Orlando gay club bathroom has revealed how crazed gunman Omar Mateen laughed as he slaughtered his victims.
Norman Casiano, 26, was shot in the back four times by the shooter, but he managed to climb over his friends’ dead bodies to safety.
Just one day after the attack at the night club, Casiano has been released from hospital and has spoken of his terrifying ordeal.
‘I started crying and at that point a gentleman stumbles into the bathroom, collapses in front of the stall door and he’s bleeding everywhere and he’s begging to come inside the stall,’ he told Local 10 News.
But the man couldn’t fit underneath the door and the stall was so packed that they couldn’t get it open. Mateen entered and shot the man one last time.
‘The scary part was that he didn’t say anything, and what’s scarier than that when he shot the boy that was already shot, he laughed,’ an emotional Casiano said. ‘And as he’s laughing as he fires through the whole front of the stall. That’s when I got my first wound.’
They started pleading for their lives, but this only seemed to spur the gunman on, who put his gun over the top of the stall and sprayed bullets towards them before leaving the room.
Mateen killed as many as 30 people inside the bathroom, but Casiano crawled over his friend’s bodies at made it out with four gunshot wounds.



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