25 Jun 2016


Types of sandals for every occasion

Sometimes it is quite complicated to choose between great look and personal comfort when it comes to buying footwear. Nevertheless, a wide selection of brands and models allows combining both, making a real gift for everyone, and for fashionists especially. Just think: there are a dozen of types of sandals for sale. That automatically makes you chances to look pretty and feel comfortable in hot weather quite high.

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What is referred to sandals?

Sandals are a type of footwear consisting of a sole and straps passing over it for holding a foot. These straps can be different passing over instep and sometimes around an ankle. In any case, a part of foot remains uncovered. This is what makes sandals choice No.1 when it comes to summer footwear. This kind of footwear exists for dozen of thousands of years. These were shoes worn by ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. 

A sole can be made of rubber, leather, rope or any available local materials that seem appropriate. When it comes to design, people get quite  practical and creative. A foot is held by either a narrow thong or a strap lace, which can be also made of different materials (usually leather, rubber or fabric).

Types of sandals

There are a lot of people who don't care about how a type of shoes they wear are called. Of course, it can be absolutely useless in formation sometimes. However, sometimes it may cause quite a lot of problems when it comes to shopping. So if you are not interested in fashion, this information can be useful for you at least for explaining what you are looking for or using proper filters when you are shopping online. 

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Clogs are heavy sandals with a thick wooden sole.
Patten are a type of clogs, only a bit oversized and with a metal device, helping to increase wearers height or walk in rough conditions (mud, for example).
High-heeled sandals can differ in design, but all of these models are distinct by, as one can easily guess, a heel. In the end, a lot of ladies like wearing exquisitive footwear regardless of season, weather and occasion.
Roman sandals remind classic footwear you can see on old paintings - with a vamp, consisting of buckled equally spaced laces.
T-bar sandals are design mostly for kids. These are shoes with enclosed heels and toes, fastened by a cross-wide strap. 
Hiking and tracking sandals are deigned for hiking and walking in hot tropical climates. Though light enough, they are usually produced of durable materials - like rubber and nylon - which allows feeling comfortable in specific conditions and minimizing perspiration.
Huarachers are worn mostly by runners - everyone who doesn't give up training in hot weather conditions but doesn't feel comfortable in Nike's.
Ho Chi Minh sandals have a truly long history. Having appeared in China, they became widely known all around the world. Soles for these shoes were made of old automobile tire, and straps were cut from inner tube.
Fisherman sandals are a kind of T-sandals for men and boys with a heel fully enclosed or secured by a strap.
Jelly shoes are fisherman sandals made of PVC plastic common today as an unisex type of footwear.
Barefoot sandals originated in South Asia and are distinct by rich decoration.
Flatbed sandals on flat sole for everyday occasion.

Sandals for women 

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Speaking about female fashion, the most popular models are ankle strap sandals with a strap around an ankle, gladiator sandals with multiple straps, which are similar to Roman sandal, wedge sandals with thick soles, slingback sandals with straps fastened at the back of a heel, strappy sandals, which are always dresser than other types, and slip-on sandals without straps for holding feet.

Where to buy

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Maybe you have your own favorite shopping spot, but that doesn't mean that Jiji.ng isn't going to become your new favorite website. Here you can find hundreds of thousands of adverts - with shoes and not only shoes. It reminds a good old market, only a bit more developed thanks to the web technologies. Open Fashion category, click on several tags and filters and get a full list of things to choose from. All adverts are posted by real people, so you can always specify necessary information and appoint  a personal meeting. Besides, prices here are lower than in any store. Sound like a right time to buy a pair of new sandals? Or maybe two pairs?



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