3 Jul 2016


Man Attempting To Behead Wife In Public But Was Attacked By bystanders

A horrifying video footage which shows a man trying to behead his 'wife' in public before he is stopped by an angry mob  has just hit the internet.

The 'husband', wearing a blue shirt, is seen at the start of the film holding a woman, presumed to be his wife, on the ground. Pinning her down he appears to be attempting to slash her neck. 

He is surrounded by an angry mass of neighbours and bystanders who begin to attack him. One sneaks up behind and boots him in the back, before another throws a brick at his head.

The video, which is reportedly shot in Cairo, Egypt, then shows the woman rise to her feet and make her escape. A pool of blood is then seen where she was previously lying down during the attack.

Dozens of people force the 'husband' back against a wall.
They launch missiles at the man and chase him down the street before the footage cuts out.

The uploader of the video, posted to LiveLeak on Friday, reports that the incident occurred in Egypt and that the woman was 'ok'.



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