10 Aug 2016


read what Sat Guru Maharaji has to say about Biafra and pro-Biafra agitators

It is clearly evident the ugly situation of things Nigeria as a Nation is currently faced with in terms of difficult challenges ranging from economic recession; extra-judicial killings; conflicting court verdicts; borrowing to fund national budget; crash in price of crude oil; looting of commonwealth; corruption; infrastructural vandalization; agricultural misfortune; extreme poverty; unprecedented increase of social discomfort; arcane vendetta against perceived political enemies; laws made into cobweb that only can entrap an ant and not elephant, to be mention but a few are the manifestations of disobedience to God of our time in Nigeria as Satguru Maharaj Ji.
It is worthy of note that the outcome of these anti-human factors which are badly felt by the common Nigerian is as a result of not heeding and obeying Satguru Maharaj Ji 's numerous directives on how the Nigerian economy should go and way of Governance. It is a law of Divinity that whenever God manifests on earth, He takes charge and control the activities of the country where He manifests and the world in general.
Today Nigeria is the luckiest and most blessed Nation in the world to have the Creator of this time Satguru Maharaj Ji, but unfortunately is refusing to recognize and listen to Maharaj Ji's advises and that has been the bane of good governance and the witnessing of all kinds of unprecedented night mares which eventually created room for unnecessary agitations.
It's against this backdrop Satguru Maharaj Ji in His infinite Love and Mercy for Nigeria and the World urges the Pro-Biafra agitators and their supporters to refrain from acts capable of disrupting the peace and stability of this Great Nation because, Nigeria as an indissoluble and indivisible entity has been declared as The New Holy-Land of the Universe and Leader Nation of the World by Satguru Maharaj Ji and therefore no individual or group of persons for one reason or the other should think of disintegration or an act that could hamper the growth of Nigeria or threaten the security we are enjoying today by Maharaj Ji's presence in our midst.
Pro-Biafra agitators should not forget in a hurry the Pains and sufferings both sides (Nigeria/Biafra) went through during the civil war when human lives were consumed, among them undoubtedly were prospective, potential and serving qualified Doctors, Farmers, Scientists, Engineers, Businessmen and women, Leaders, Inventors, etc and both sides are still grappling with the challenges of the consequences of the war to date.
These are enough evidences and facts for us to sheathe our swords, put on our thinking cap and go back to the drawing board, come to a consensus and have a new perception of who we really are that is realistic, achievable and profitable as not only an Igbo people but great Nigerians.
It is no doubt that at the moment, our inflated perception of the idea to break away from Nigeria to form a Sovereign State of Biafra has already claimed innocent souls and caused avoidable bad conditions for ourselves and children yet unborn.
It is patriotic to acknowledged the fact that secession is always accompanied by disastrous conditions which if not properly managed, could send both parties economies to square one.
Unarguably, the Ibos are scientifically and technically blessed people with viable economy and this should be our driving power for us to unite together with new ideologies, goals, objectives, consolidate and align with ourselves , like the people of the Northern part, to form a stronger force that will help to identify and develop our human and material resources
My view and understanding about this agitation is that it was borne out of being seen as marginalized and disenfranchised group, denied of equal rights and justice. But I have to submit that if we complain of treatments of being cheated , you should also know that nobody can cheat on you if you are really awake. You must show your strength and might wisely in different endeavors when the need arises. Let's not be economical with the truth, honestly speaking, greater percentage of the Ibo race (South Easterners) has political apathy. As long as nothing prevents him from opening his shop or warehouse, he caresless about politics, but when it comes to political allocation, we ask for so much.
If we complain of not being given appointments or elected, the likes of Evan Enwerem, Aldopus Wabara, Chuba Okadigbo, Anyim P. Anyim, Ken Nnamani, were they not Igbo when they became Presidents of The Nigerian Senate ?? That's a Billion Naira question you should answer.
Obviously is the fact that the inflaming passion of Biafra to secede from Nigeria is being deceitfully backed up and supported financially, technically, intellectually by the USA and some Occidental countries that are seeking to consolidate their grip on Nigeria oil and rich economy and unconsciously to us of their selfish objective to set us against ourselves, thereby having ample opportunity to reenslave us and easily take our human and material resources.
The main objective of the Caucasian is targeted at splitting us to recolonize Nigeria under the guise of assisting Biafra with all needed technical, financial, strategic support to secede with their (whites) belief that the breakaway State of Biafra would be a mere straw coalition that would disintegrate easily so they (Whites) could moderately gain access in the name of intervention which would eventually have IMF (International Monetary Fund) controlling our economy, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and UN (United Nation) as security overseers over Nigeria and Biafra. What then is the gain for secession ??? Another Billion Naira question for you.
The truth is that we started marginalizing ourselves from the moment we abandoned worshipping and no longer believed in the potency of our Amadioha, Okija, Ikenga and all our powerful Igbo oracles to slavishly worship foreign and alien religion (Christianity/Islam) . That was when the trouble began. The only way out of this self induced sufferings is for the South Eastern Governors, Ohaneze, Igbo Council of Traditional Rulers and other Igbo Elders to come together to resuscitate these forgotten and background relegated powers by going to Maharaj Ji for directives because there lies the way out and eventually have a Divine Paradigm Shift from the colonial way of thinking and operation that has brought shame and dishonor to us.
At this juncture, my humble self plead to the Pro-Biafra agitators, Niger Delta Militant, Boko Haram to come out of their strongholds with their narrow views to join hands with the God of this time Satguru Maharaj Ji who has come to absolve mab from sins in building Nigeria to be a Nation devoid of rancour and violence that will lead the world forever.
In conclusion, Nigeria and the World must see Maharaj Ji manifestation in Nigeria since July 17, 1980 as a divine chance to pull themselves out of the vicious circle of debilitating poverty, inequality squalor, spiritual bankruptcy, insecurity and dying to see artificial unknown God in the sky. And it's indeed a season for the enthronement of the GOLDEN AGE OF LIFE!!
So don't shy away from your destiny of meeting MAHARAJ JI and receiving Divine Knowledge which is the real birth of man which I have received the Maharaj Ji Divine Knowledge since June 23rd 1997. So go for yours.
Thanks Maharaj Ji
Maharaj Ji Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Maharaj Ji Bless Africa.
Maharaj Ji Bless the World.



I've even gone so far as to verbalize it specifically, time is too precious to waste on trivial arguments and negativities. I'd rather get on to the more fun and rewarding stuff right away!

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