6 Nov 2016


5 Biafran armoured vehicles built during the war

The story of the Nigerian Civil War between 1967 and 1970 would not be complete without adequate mention of the Biafran Army’s ingenuity. Short of arms and ammunition, the Biafran Army had to improvise and built its own arms, ammunition and armoured vehicles in other to battle the Nigerian Army. The Research and Production unit of the Biafran Army mainly filled with undergraduates of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka built armoured cars which was then used by Biafran soldiers to confront the federal troops. NAIJ.com lists 5 of the Biafran armoured vehicles and ammunition below:

 1. Biafra Red Devil – TYPE A
The armoured vehicles were called red devils because of the devilish way they operate. This was the first armoured vehicle built by the Biafran engineers.
Biafra Red Devil – Type A
2. Biafra Red Devil – TYPE B
This was the second armoured vehicle built by the Biafran engineers It was designed mainly to transport Biafran soldiers to and fro the battle front.
Biafra Red Devil – Type B
3. Biafra Red Devil – TYPE C
The idea behind this particular armoured vehicle was to look like the popular Saladin armoured vehicle. Saladin is a type of armoured vehicle that can shoot and rotate at the same time. The Biafran engineers attempt to copy the Saladin was unsuccessful with the TYPE C.
Biafra Red Devil – Type C
4. Biafra Red Devil – TYPE D
An attempt by the Biafran engineers to imitate the Saladin was still unsuccessful with the TYPE D. They then came up with an idea to dig holes by the side of the armoured vehicles, and had soldiers shoot from those holes to give the enemy the impression that the armoured vehicle was rotating.
Biafra Red Devil – Type D
5. Ogbunigwe
Also called the ‘Ojukwu Bucket’, the Ogbunigwe is a series of weapons systems which includes command detonation mines, improvised explosive devices and rocket propelled missiles. The Ogbunigwe was the first rocket to be wholly designed, developed, mass-produced and launched in Africa.



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