21 Feb 2017

UGO .K. Igwe

Seyi Law Blasts Pastor Mike For Cursing Sponsors Of BBNaija

Comedian Seyi Law has blasted Portharcourt Based Pastor, Mike Winning for placing a curse on sponsors of Big Brother Naija.

Pastor Mike Winning on Monday, said through a Facebook post, 'I curse with anger anyone busy sponsoring big brother Nigeria, that if they attempt to sponsor it next year, their resources will dry up'

Seyi Law has reacted over the post through his Instagram page.

He wrote;

What a joke of a Pastor. Did Jesus lay curses on those who turned His Father's house to a market place of all sorts or He just rebuked them. Some of all these people who call themselves Pastors actually think they are God o. Oga Ade, go and have a rethink abeg and ask God for forgiveness. I am not in support of the immoral acts in Big Brother Naija, but as a Christian when the devil brings darkness, you shine your light. If you don't like what they protray, change your channel.

Pastor, please organise your own Big Christ House and give money that will change the followers of Christ's lives and see if men and your father in heaven won't praise you.

Pastor talking like Nigeria Government, why is Big Brother Naija been held in SA when they have refused to create an enabling environment to allow businesses to thrive. You curse kor you close ni. Long Hisssssssssss. 
These types of prayer are for your closet not public, Mr. Pastor. Praying their resources should run dry. Ah ah, Pastor, do you know how many are on the employment list of Payporte and Dufil, the makers of Indomie? You are a wicked man. Pray better. 

UGO .K. Igwe

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