28 Feb 2017

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What Do You Think Of This Shocking Photo

This Image was posted by The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company Plc twitter handle,with the caption :"Lol, some Nigerians will do anything to avoid paying bills. As seen in Oyo state."
Its quite shocking how people resolve to fetish stuff in solving problems here in Nigeria.Its barbaric and inhuman for someone to even make a public display of his/her fetish items with the aim of afflicting harm on someone else.ICPC is their for you to lay your complaints and get fair treatment rather taking laws into your own hands.Wheather it be for the right course,once you express your grievances in the wrong way or means,makes you come out all wrong.
Though some believe the tortoise tied to that electric pole might be fake,but with the aim of making power distribution companies to keep off and never disconnect their power supply.
What do you think of this? Is it right OR wrong?

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