28 Feb 2017

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Xenophobia: Nigerians Protect Themselves...Forms Vigilatee (VIDEO)

Its noticeably obvious that the xenophobic south Africans has taken its toll at foreigners living in south Africa.Even the police seem to turn a blind eye to the situation leaving foreigners at the mercy of indegens living in that country.Guess since their government are feeling very reluctant to protect foreigners or do anything to cub the situation,xenophobic south Africans took advantage of evoking their rage on innocent non-south African periodically.

This occurrence has continued over the years and many innocent lives lost to it.Many would ask;Why do Nigerians choose to go into South Africa for survival? After knowing of their xenophobic nature.
According to chat with Johnson,a Nigerian who lives in South African,our correspondent learnt that life in SA is for more comfortable and favourable there than in Nigeria except for harsh weather conditions and taxes or police brutality especially towards Nigerians.
Xenophobia has been condemned all around the world as it affect all foreigners living there,now due to proportion of lives and properties usually lost during these times of xenophobia,the Nigerian community living in SA has come together to form a vigilant group in orther to protect and defend themselves against South Africans...See a video recording below

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