25 Mar 2017

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Policeman shoots 16-year-old boy dead in Imo State (graphic photo)

Tragedy struck on Thursday at the infamous "Ugwu Omiri Lawyer" on Anara - Umuahia expressway in the okohia community in the Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State, where a Policeman who should be protecting, shot a 16-year-old boy Obinna Iwuoha dead, leaving 3 others in coma.

It was gathered that the incident occurred when youths, mainly teenagers who gathered for a church rally for their church crusade which was billed to
start on March 25 (today) had a flat tyre, at “Ukwu Omiri lawyer”, a metre away from where some police men were on a road duty.

It was alleged that one of the police officers insisted that the youths must remove their vehicle from the place, but the youths of Emmanuel Healing Power Ministry Incorporated, Uguiri, told the cop they were unable to move a vehicle with a flat tyre. An altercation reportedly ensued between one of the police men and the driver, resulting in the police officer allegedly slapping him consistently for three times.

The trigger happy policeman, Ufere, who wasn't part of the argument, then emerged from nowhere and shot at the youths at close range, which led to the death of Obinna and left 3 other youths in coma.

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