7 Mar 2017

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Several Nigerians Denied Entry Into US

In the past two months following President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration ban,Several Nigerians have been denied entry into the United States, it was learnt that their visas were cancelled when they landed in the US and they were put on return flights.
Following this development the Presidency on Monday warned Nigerians not to travel to the US amid ongoing uncertainty over President Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigration from certain Muslim-majority countries.Nigeria is not listed among six countries affected by Mr Trump’s travel ban executive order, but the Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and the Diaspora revealed in a statement that several Nigerians with valid visas have been refused entry to the US.
She said: “Nigerians who have no compelling or urgent reason to travel to the US to postpone their travel plans until the new administration’s policy on immigration is clear.”

 The initial ban was signed in late January and prompted massive protests around the US.

The President said the order as signed to protect the country against terrorism, yet no individual from those countries had killed a single American on US soil in a terrorist attack since 2001.

Nearly all travelers were banned from coming to the US for 90 days, and refugees were suspended for 120 days. Syrian refugees were suspended indefinitely.

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