6 Apr 2017

UGO .K. Igwe

Davido's Sextape In South Africa: Singer Denies Its Not Him (Video, Photos)

A video purportedly showing Davido having sex has been making the rounds. According to Thenet.ng, one of the platforms circulating the video, the Pop star really had a great time down south over the weekend. He ended up with a big booty lady who he romantically grabbed at regular intervals. Then they eventually retired into a dark spot in the house while a shadow movement of two people on a flat surface is seen as both of them moan in ecstasy.

All of this reportedly happened when the singer went to perform in South Africa at the weekend.

Earlier on, Davido could be seen in the video groping unidentified woman’s behind and boasting what he would do to her in bed.

It is still unclear how the video made it to the public and whether the man having sex at the end of the clip is actually the singer.

Davido has however denied having sex with the unidentified lady.

He commented later on the comments section of the video posted on Thenetng's Instagram page saying.. ‘Lmao nigga that ain’t me bleeping,’


UGO .K. Igwe

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