9 Apr 2017

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Sunday Adelaja Speaks On Apostle Suleman's Sex Scandal

In this videoclip, a question was asked of Sunday Adelaja that What was his say on Apostle Suleiman's "scandal" in Nigeria and would it be right for him to step down if he is found guilty of the allegations?

Pastor Adelaja responded by saying that "We have to remove the notion of perfection of "Men of God," we have to throw it in the garbage. There is no one man of God that is perfect...., you will never find any man like that, there is no one, no individual on earth that is without sin" Pastor Sunday Adelaja went on to say that "For me nothing changes."

You can listen to the rest of his answer in the videoclip below.

Do you agree with him that no "Man of God" is expected to be morally perfect?

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