14 Apr 2017

UGO .K. Igwe

Watch jaw-dropping moment a Brave African Man heroically wrestled a knifeman In London

Brave African Man Wrestles Knife-Wielding Man In London Bus(video)

This is the jaw-dropping moment a commuter heroically wrestled a knifeman who stormed a busy London bus in broad daylight.
Footage captured the brave passenger tackling the thug and grabbing the huge knife off him on the number 149 bus in Stoke Newington, north east London, on Tuesday. .
The armed man realised he had lost his weapon and made a frantic dash out of the bus, as passengers looked on in horror. .
As his attacker ran away, the hero could be seen holding onto the massive knife. He shouted after his attacker: 'I'm an African, you never take my life!' .
Met Police confirmed that they were called to reports of a stabbing at 1.55pm. A man in his 20s suffered minor cuts to his hand and head and was taken to hospital. .
A spokesman said: 'He was taken to an East London hospital where he was treated for his injuries. He has now been discharged. There have been no arrests and enquires continue."

UGO .K. Igwe

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