23 Jul 2017

UGO .K. Igwe

Trump Is The Tool God Used To Humble America - OBJ

Former president, Olusegun Obasanjo has described Donald Trump's election as president of the United states an 'act of God'.

Obasanjo, while speaking at the launch of the French version of a book entitled ‘Making Africa Work’ in Pretoria, South Africa, stated that God made Trump president to humble America.

In his words;

"The fact that America can produce a Trump in this day and age, it means Americans are as human as we are,” he said in a rare reflection that appeared to have mocked the US election last November.I am not justifying what African leaders are doing. If our leaders are doing wrong, we should say that they are doing wrong"

The retired military general added that he was happy with the way things turned out in the last US elections. "Trump has come so that America can be humbled, and we can also learn that lesson," he said.

The book making "Making Africa work" is authored by Greg Mills, Jeffrey Herbst, Olusegun Obasanjo and Dickie Davis. Obasanjo, while speaking about the book, disclosed that the African continent still needed direct foreign investment, adding that “Nobody can do it for us, and it is all of us, and if we do it, we will get it right,”.

UGO .K. Igwe

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